About Us

MPOWER provides fixed-rate, no money down financing to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and multifamily property owners who want to install energy efficiency and water conservation retrofits and renewable energy systems. The program was launched in 2010 and is open to eligible properties in Placer Countys six incorporated cities and towns, unincorporated areas, as well as the City of Folsom.

We believe that investment in the local economy is the first step toward economic recovery. The goal of the MPOWER program is to lower energy bills, increase energy and water efficiency, reduce reliance on foreign fuels, stimulate the local economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program works in partnership with all of the regional utility providers to help customers take advantage of available rebates and incentives. We have an extensive list of eligible non-residential energy and water efficiency improvements and residential improvements, many of which qualify for utility company rebates. However, since there’s no one-size-fits-all category, a customized system may also qualify.

We provide exceptional customer service. MPOWER staff is available to answer questions and offer experienced guidance in the selection of retrofit projects. Our Program Specialists will personally assist you in determining whether or not your property qualifies before you submit an application. Once you apply they will continue to work closely with you throughout the application process. Because they have combined experience of 40+ years in building planning and construction, they can assist you in making sure all aspects of your project run smoothly.

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